White Label

Want to sell your own branded label candles, but don’t know where to start? Looking for a candle supplier who can provide you with a wide range of hand poured, sculptured collections, that you can buy and label as your own?

Whether you are a start up online company or an established business, you need at some point to include your own brand name on your candle items. In order to do this, and remain competitive in the market, more and more companies are turning to wholesale suppliers to buy their products, and label them under their own brand name.

At Wixx & Waxx we can help you with all our white label needs. We are here to do everything we can to help you and your business grow. We are here to help with advice and solutions for selecting and buying white label products, and your own white label branding needs.


There are many different meanings in regards to white and private label. But for us the distinction is easy. "White Label" refers to buying and then reselling items we have already made and designed, under a resellers own brand and label. "Private Label" refers to making and designing new or modified items, and exclusively selling these under the resellers own brand. In both instances, Wixx & Waxx  provide a Branding Service in order for resellers to label their items under their own brand.

If you wish to make your own private or custom item designs, please refer to the information we provide on our Private Label Page